Buy QUALITY once!


How much have you spent on Cheap Beds this year?
Does you Collar deter Wetness and Odor?
Is your leash Ergonomic?
Are your toys Indestructible?
Are you hiding your Food Stand? Is it a work of Art?



Bedding Collar and Leash Toys Stands and Bowls Indoors

We tested many beds for durability, loft, wear and tear, wash ability, size, looks, and the use of eco friendly materials. We watched our furry kids as they slept for comfort level, washed tons of beds, took comments on visual appearance, and narrowed our selection down to only those that passed ALL our tests. Instead of paying high dollar for low cost beds and replacing them often, try our selection, we guarantee our beds will last many years, hold their loft, kept your furry kid sleeping through the night, and be washable while helping the environment! Unlike most retailers, we want you to buy once and enjoy for years. Save the environment, stop going thru many cheap beds per year, buy quality ONCE!


The hunt was on to find the very best in collars and leashes, the search was vast and included many brands. We narrowed it down by placing your furry kids comfort first then durability, odor control, looks, size adjustment, and your comfort. We are confident you will agree our selection will provide you with the best function and looks!

You need toys that not only entertain our furry kids, but that last more than 50 seconds! We were tired of our furry kids destroying the expensive toys we would buy and then look at us like, "Where is another one?". We tried many products and went thru tons of money to find the toys that kept them entertained, that lasted, and that did not get nasty smelling. Your furry pal will be delighted with every item we list! Some are Indestructible!

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Stop spending money on those cheap stands, stop filling the waste field's with sub standard pet items you don't enjoy. Instead buy one that is beautiful (a work of art), easy to install, ergonomic for your pet, change the look easily, height adjusted for puppy's to adulthood, sweep under it, all while helping the environment and the homeless pets of the world. Some of the proceeds go to help local organizations. You never knew a stand could do so much, huh? We did and we will unveil the work of reclaimed art very soon!


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We were tired of heavy rugs that didn't absorb water and dirt on our furry friends paws. We wanted a clean house and set out to find products that helped us live in harmony with our beloved companions. They deserve the best and so does our home. Our products will make owning pets more enjoyable and will give you more time with family and friends because you will spend less time cleaning up after the furry little things.